Ultimote V1 - Hardwired Unit

$ 3,700.00

Ultimote is the premiere Remote Control Unit for accessing multiple Professional Studio Cameras simultaneously through network connection.

Hardwired Unit is frequently used for controlling cameras linked in the array units.

It is extremely useful in helicopters, under water cameras, or pursuit cars.

We work to support all types of cameras within the UltiMote Software.

Main Features are:

  • FPS / SHUTTER / ISO / WB / ND Settings
  • Playback / Display / Resolution / Project Settings
  • UI Interface Supports up to 4 Simultaneous Connections
  • Canon/Nikon Controls for Red
  • CDL Controls for Red Epic Dragon/Helium, Sony F65, and Alexa Mini
  • 4 User Assignable Buttons
  • Ethercon Rj45 Port supporting 10/100/1000M
  • Array Linking Controls between Cameras of the same type.

    Supported Cameras:

    Arri ALEXA Family, Classic, Plus, XT, SXT AMIRA, Alexa Mini

    Epic, Dragon, Weapon Helium, Bayhem, DXL

    Sony F65

    Phantom 4k Flex

    More Cameras will be supported in the future!


    x1 MiniXlr 12-24v DC Input

    7.4V Sony NP Series Battery Plate